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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Toxic Mold is an Epidemic

After our nightmare ended with the house on McDonald St in Culver City, CA (SEE THIS BLOG POST FOR DETAILS), we moved to a condo in Santa Monica on August 19, 2007. We were so excited to begin a new chapter in our lives and be healthy again.

A day after we moved into our new condo, our toddler came down with a severe attack. He didn't have to be hospitalized but he needed immediate medical intervention that we could not give him. He was once again put on heavy dosages of steroids in addition to inhaled steroids to fend off a full blown lung infection that we had seen two times previously (once in March 2007 and then again in May 2007). We thought we had beat the mold this time. We got him under control before he took a downward spiral.

I was concerned that he reacted that way because of his new environment. My intuition told me that there was mold somewhere and he reacted to it immediately. However, there was no physical indication to validate my suspicions.

Caeden (our toddler) seemed fine after that until January 2008. It had rained and rained heavily for abour 4 or 5 days. He started to be sick almost immediately. His room was carpeted. On January 4th, I noticed that there were SO many ants in the outer corner of his room on his carpet. I don't allow the kids to bring food up to the second floor so this was very strange. I decided to vacuum them all up because they were evading me. I did so. More kept coming. I was horrified so I knelt down to move his "Little People" barn to see if there were more underneath. I found a WET, SOGGY Carpet underneath his little barn that went all the way to the baseboard and the wall!!!

We moved his bed into our room that night. He stayed sick off and on until January 21st, 2008 when he was admitted to the hospital a third time for a lung infection.

Coincidently, during this time, our landlords (who responded quickly and compassionately) sent workers over to tear into his wall. Guess what they found behind his bedroom wall???

MOLD! ALL BEHIND HIS WALL! THE SAME WALL HIS BED IS UP AGAINST!!! (just so you know-our landlords immediately took care of the problem...we love them!!)

They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice...but mold can affect the same family twice, maybe three times...maybe more! We are living (but unhealthy) proof of that!

I really feel that this is an epidemic. I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that we would have to go through this again in our lives...but we did. I hope this is over for us now.

Be aware of your surroundings and how they make you and your family feel. Follow up on any and all intuitions or gut feelings. Please steer clear of carpeting. It masks so many leaks and breeds mold once it is wet.


  1. Please read. I need guidance:I read your story. I live in Glendale Ca. I moved into a studio Oct. 9 th 2009. Started having health issues. ER visits, doctor after doctor. Jan 12th 2010 I get upper GI done. Camera in stomach. Stomach issues, nausea, vomiting, migraines, etc. I showed my landlord the mold after seeing it where I sleep and in the kitchen. I took pictures. I asked to have someone come in and clean it out. He said he was going to change the windows. That it would help.I wrote my landlord a letter that I was moving due to my health conditions in that unit. I moved 3 months later after my 3 rd visit to ER. I moved out to another place. My migraines would come and go. Not as severe. I moved out back to my moms in Nov 2011. I now have a severe sinus infection. ENT offered surgery. I have been telling my primary doctor and every doctor if its due to the exposure to black mold. They all said no its stress. Not to diagnose myself. I saw the ENT. Yesterday Jan 31st 2012. No luck. I choke on my flem at night. Have this horrible nasal drip. I have been to ER twice since this month. Due to allergic reaction to antibiotics for my chronic sinus iinfection. Tomorrow I get approval for Allergist. Im trying to take care of my health. Getting the run around. Im at my moms now. I know once you are exposed you have to seek treatment. I have been at my moms for 3 months. I have had suicidal thoughts because I can't function, not eating, on steroids and antibiotics. Taking off from work. Where can I get tested or treatment. Im not worried about the legal action until I get better. I've looked on the internet this doctor was going to charge me
    $ 850 dollars just for a consultation. Im super positive. Now im losing hope. In life . Im just getting the run around. Can you please help me???

    1. In Ca there is a Dr who can help you.

      Janette Hope, M.D. Dr. Hope received training under Dr. Gray, She has
      Family Medicine assisted several individuals who have been injured
      805-698-7483 by exposure to molds.
      Santa Barbara, California

    2. It is also my understanding that antibiotics and steroids after mold exposure can be very dangerous. Antibiotics are made from mold. Steroids cause it to disseminate. Please seek medical help from the Dr above. She can tell you what to do as I am not a Dr just what i heard from a toxicologist in this field.

  2. I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. Please know that others understand what you are going through because we have been there. Our family also got the run around, so I am not able to give any more advice that what I have already shared.

    I can tell you to document every single ailment that you have and be descriptive because after a while it becomes really hard to remember things because of fatigue, exhaustion and the sheer number of aches, pains, infections, rashes, hospital visit start to add up and become a blur.

    I will post your story and plead for drs and attorneys for help for you. I know that they are reading this blog as well as well as the CDC, National Institute of Health and several medical research universities.

    Please check back in for an update!

  3. My daughter and her 1 yr old child and boyfriend are in the process of restoring a house that has been leaking from the roof for years. There is black mold everywhere. They are staying in one room of the house while working on the other rooms. They all are getting sick. noses running, headaches constant sneezing. I am very concerned for my granddaughter but my daughter thinks I am over reacting I need help in convincing her that the baby should not be in that enviornment

  4. Wow you sure have had a time with the scourge that is mold. I thought my one client's story with Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Mold & Bat Poop
    was the most serious case of which I had ever heard until this. I post the link below for anyone who wants to read about it. (I am not spamming anyone here). I hope all is well with you and your family.

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